How Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu Warms Up for a Grand Prix Dressage Test, Presented by Wahl

Canadian dressage rider and 2015 Pan Am team silver medallist Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu has trained her horse All In from five years old to the Grand Prix level. She shares her tips on how to warm up at home and at a big, important show. 

“When I’m at a show or at home, I don’t change my warm up with All In. I do the exact same thing every time.

Usually my reins are almost at the buckle to start, letting him stretch in walk, trot, and canter for probably a good 10 minutes. Then I pick him up and do some transitions. I do the same thing at the show to let him relax and stretch his whole body. It’s really important especially for him to get a good stretch.

When I ride him at the show, I try to ride him exactly like I do at home. I go through some of the test movements and where I can get the points, I try to really make sure I maximize that as best I can so I don’t let any points slide away from me, like cantering in on the center line and halting, for instance. When I canter in I want to make sure he’s centered, he’s waiting, the halt is crisp.

Even in the warm up, I’m thinking about where I can get those points because it’s so hard to do at Grand Prix!”

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